Manchu Kung Fu & Korean Karate 

Founded by Kwan Jang Klynstra (7th Dan),

39 years of Jidokwan & Tai Chi training


1th Jidokwan Organisation in NL ~  complete curriculum ~ accepted lineage ~

Founder Manchu Kwon Bup in NL ~ publications ~ Ambassador Award 

Jidokwan Holland (JDKHA) has been a team of schools for Martial Arts in The Netherlands without profit intention, starting in 1993. We have a historical line to Shudokan in Japan and one of the first Korean kwans:  Jidokwan.

Our platform is open for exchange and collaboration with all schools which practice the authentic traditional martial arts Korean Karate (Kong Soo Do) and Korean Kung Fu (Kwon Bup). Modern hybrid martial sports, like (Jidokwan) Taekwondo, are excluded. 


Jidokwan Holland schools: Um Yang, Hengelo ~ Naihanji, Oldenzaal ~ Sohoyun, Hengelo (kids). 

Very soon also in Enschede, Deventer & Delden.

Caution: A new 'Jidokwan Nederland' Foundation?

 A Taekwondo school did copy Jidokwan Holland and uses faked certificates. See F.A.Q.